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the staffthe staff   May 19, 2019   0

  Yamaha has announced the second-annual XTReme Terrain Challenge (XTR Challenge) for Yamaha owners and families will be held this October 4 through 6 at the famous Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, and registration is OPEN!  The event was a pretty big success last year,

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the staffthe staff   May 16, 2019   0

  ATV racing appeals to many, but what do you need to know and how do you get started? Yamaha has come up with a way to help. Yamaha announces the return of Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) University. Hosted before round eight of the 2019 GNCC series at Snowshoe Mountain Resort in West Virginia from June 19 to 21, Yamaha is bringing together top off-road ATV and motorcycle racers

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the staffthe staff   May 08, 2019   0

 One of our greatest dreams would be to drive to the airport, head to one of the best riding areas across the U.S., and have a turn-key adventure with all the necessary gear onsite. That is exactly what you can do with Destination Yamaha, and Yamaha is expanding its Destination Yamaha rental program with new locations across the country

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the staffthe staff   April 25, 2019   0

  If you are Yamaha owner then listen up! Yamaha has announced the second-annual XTReme Terrain Challenge (XTR Challenge) for Yamaha owners and families will be held this October 4 through 6 at the famous Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.  The event was a pretty big success last year, and this year it is going

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the staffthe staff   October 08, 2018   0


Have you ever wanted to be a part of a fun and challenging event?! Well, the Yamaha XTReme TErrain Challenge might just be the one you have been looking for! Check out the information below, including how to register and what this all-new event is all about!

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the staffthe staff   October 04, 2018   0

In an unprecedented move of confidence by an off-road manufacturer, Yamaha impressed everyone in the off-road world by unveiling their all-new 10-YEAR BELT WARRANTY! Yes, you read that right, and if you’re worried about fixing your CVT belt on the trail, that is no longer a concern if you buy a Yamaha.

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the staffthe staff   October 03, 2018   0


Yamaha has been on the throttle releasing new machine this year, and they recently unveiled all-new special edition machines that are set to take the market by storm with all-new Tactical Black colorways and specific features that make these machines even more desirable off the showroom floor. Speaking of the machines, the Yamaha Special Edition lineup for 2019 consists of the following machines: Grizzly 90, Grizzly, Kodiak 700 SE, Wolverine X4, and Wolverine X2.

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the staffthe staff   June 08, 2018   0

 Yamaha has released some big news for the 2019 model year, including updates to both their ATV and side-by-side lineups. Highlights include a new Grizzly SE model in the ATV lineup, a thoroughly revised YXZ1000R, and an all-new 2-passenger Sport/Rec side-by-side in the form of the Wolverine X2.

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the staffthe staff   June 05, 2018   0

    Yamaha continues to impress with more new models rolling off the Newnan, Georgia factory lines, and the 2019 model year looks to be like another banner one for the tuning fork brand. The latest model to roll out of that factory is the all-new Wolverine X2, which is the next iteration for the brand’s 2-seat Sport/Recreation

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the staffthe staff   September 07, 2017   0

Meet the brand new four-seat Wolverine X4 recreational/utility side-by-side from Yamaha. We recently had a chance to check it out in person, and we are excited about this side-by-side. Three years in development, the Wolverine X4 is aimed directly at those who want a side-by-side for recreation with ability to take up to four people into the tight-trail areas of the off-road. Extreme efforts were made to make this side-by-side capable, comfortable, and inspire confidence on the trail. This new vehicle comes complete with a brand new 847cc parallel-twin long stroke engine. Yes,

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the staffthe staff   June 15, 2017   0

  About a year ago, we at had an opportunity to visit with the Yamaha crew at an event, and we asked them why Yamaha had dropped any kind of 500-class ATV from its lineup? The Yamaha crew said that most ATV buyers chose to spend the extra money to get the 700-class Grizzly or Kodiak when it came time to purchase. Yamaha has priced the Kodiak 700 in the same space as the competitive 500-class ATVs

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the staffthe staff   May 10, 2017   0

  It would be good to be this guy! Yamaha recently announced the winner of the 2017 YXZ Supercross Sweepstakes for the 2017 Monster Energy AMA Supercross season, and he sure seems like a nice guy making his win that much better. 

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the staffthe staff   April 13, 2017   0

  Yamaha and its employees regularly volunteer their time and money to help with and provide for places where off road enthusiasts can ride. Recently, Yamaha employees returned to the San Bernardino National Forest to volunteer their time in support of projects aiding the fire-damaged OHV trails within the Trestles / Baldy Mesa OHV staging area. Working with members of the Southern California Mountains Foundation (SCMF) and the U.S. Forest Service (USFS)

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the staffthe staff   February 10, 2017   0

  It seems it hasn't been very long since we had the opportunity to lay eyes on the 2017 Yamaha YXZ1000R and YXZ 1000R SS special editions, which were jaw-droopingly good looking! In fact, the YXZ1000R SS SE that we will be featuring in an upcoming video is the red and black version which could not be a better looking pure sport side-by-side. Apparently Yamaha thought it could throw another SE version

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the staffthe staff   January 23, 2017   0

  Yamaha is launching an all-new YXZ Supercross Sweepstakes to kick off the 2017 Monster Energy AMA Supercross season. Contestants can enter from now through April 2 at www.YXZsweeps.com to win a 2017 YXZ1000R SS (Sport Shift) Side-by-Side (SxS), a VIP trip to the 2017 Supercross finals in Las Vegas, a meet and greet with both Chad Reed and Miss Supercross, and more.

One lucky entrant, 18 years-of-age and older, will receive a 2017 YXZ1000R SS model,

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the staffthe staff   October 18, 2016   0

 The Skunkworks at Yamaha has kicked out something that will make some of you rock hounds and trail crawlers as happy as this Texan in my favorite barbecue restaurant. Meet the GYTR (Genuine Yamaha Racing Technology) torque assist gear kit, which reduces final gearing by 30 percent and first gear by 40 percent to give ultimate low-speed torque and crawling capability. If slower-speed

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the staffthe staff   September 14, 2016   0

   Like James Bond in a Tux, black goes well with ATVs and side-by-sides. The color has also become "trendy" as it is being offered across several machines this year, however, that doesn't take away from how good it looks. Now, the Yamaha Kodiak is being offered in an SE version with Tactical Black as its color of choice. It comes with cast aluminum wheels

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the staffthe staff   June 08, 2016   0

  There are side-by-sides that change the game, and then there are side-by-sides that destroy what we know about side-by-sides and refine them. The 2017 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS is one of those side-by-sides. When it was introduced last year, the YXZ1000R redefined what pure sport meant by adding the manual transmission to a sport side-by-side, and that provided a connection to the machine that didn't exist in the industry. After driving the YXZ1000R, there was no doubt Yamaha had redefined what pure sport meant. For 2017, Yamaha has taken a giant step forward

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the staffthe staff   June 02, 2016   0

What might this be coming June 8 from Yamaha? Is it a bird or a plane? Probably neither, but it looks like another model in the YXZ1000R family. Check in to find out.

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the staffthe staff   May 17, 2016   0

 Yamaha again provided a new Special Edition (SE) Viking VI Side-by-Side (SxS) vehicle to the SEAL-Naval Special Warfare Family Foundation (NSW) for auction at their annual fundraiser near San Diego, Calif.  The Assembled in USA Viking VI helped raise $30,000 towards the organization’s mission of supporting SEAL members’ families. This marks Yamaha’s third consecutive year of backing NSW, raising more than $70,000 in funding for the much-deserved recipients.

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the staffthe staff   February 16, 2016   0

Yamaha is introducing two new Special Edition (SE) models to its growing line of Side-by-Side (SxS) vehicles. Yamaha’s YXZ1000R, the world’s first and only pure sport SxS, and Wolverine, a new standard in off-road capability and comfort in a SxS, both receive new SE versions for 2016.

The new YXZ1000R SE features an all-new Silver Metallic and Blaze Red Metallic painted exterior and interior with color matched seats

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the staffthe staff   January 27, 2016   0

 Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, the industry leading manufacturer of ATV and Side-by-Side (SxS) vehicles for ranchers and farmers, announces the Ultimate Ranch Hand Sweepstakes. The winner will receive a new 2016 Viking VI Ranch Edition SxS with Electric Power Steering (EPS). Entries are now being accepted atwww.yamahaoutdoors.com/ranchhand.

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the staffthe staff   January 21, 2016   0

Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, the industry leading manufacturer of ATV and Side-by-Side (SxS) vehicles for outdoorsmen and women, is supporting the National Hunting and Fishing Day (NHF Day) again in 2016, this year giving away the all-new Yamaha Kodiak 700 ATV with Electric Power Steering (EPS) through an online sweepstakes at


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the staffthe staff   December 21, 2015   0

Let’s face it, Yamaha has had a huge, huge year in 2015, and has now Yamaha announced it started production on the Racing Blue/White and Blaze Orange/Black versions of the all-new YXZ1000R this month. Delivery of the 60th anniversary Special Edition Yamaha Yellow/Black YXZ1000R and the Racing Blue/White and Blaze Orange/Black are starting to arrive at dealers now that they are in production. 

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the staffthe staff   December 11, 2015   0

Yamaha announced the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative (OAI) has contributed more than $40,000 in cash to support two projects reflecting the program’s expanded mission to promote safe, responsible use and open, sustainable access for outdoor recreation. Riding groups, land managers and others with a project that is in line with OAI’s mission and in need of support should visit the program’s newly

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the staffthe staff   December 08, 2015   0

Yamaha’s new 2016 Raptor 90 is an exciting youth ATV for riders starting at 10-years-old and is available now for the holiday season. The entry-level Raptor’s styling and sporty ride is reminiscent of the Raptor 700, but at a size and performance level appropriate for younger riders and budding ATV enthusiasts. The Raptor 90 is a great gift for first-time riders joining the family out on the trails this holiday season.


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the staffthe staff   September 21, 2015   0

Yamaha Customer Support Group, a division of Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., and Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company announced today a two-year, multi-faceted marketing and ecommerce partnership that will integrate Panasonic Adventure’s line of action cameras with Yamaha’s line of powersports products.

The relationship, which was announced during Yamaha’s launch of its all-new YXZ1000R makes Panasonic the “Exclusive Imaging Partner and Action Camera of Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A.’s Customer Support Group, Watercraft Group, and Outdoors Group.” In turn, Yamaha is the “Exclusive Powersports Partner to Panasonic Consumer Electronics Corporation in the U.S.”

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the staffthe staff   September 03, 2015   2

Yamaha has heard the howls of their customers sounding like a pack of wolves begging, waiting, pleading for a Pure Sport Side-By Side, and has delivered in a huge way! Yamaha has released its first pure sport side-by-side and it goes by the name the YXZ 1000R. Did we mention that Yamaha is claiming that this is a pure sport ride unlike anything in the industry? In fact, Yamaha says it is a whole new driving experience, and, based on the specifics, they may be entirely right. The YXZ is purposely built for the most extreme and fast terrain on the planet.

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the staffthe staff   June 16, 2015   0

After a 9 year reign in the Yamaha Grizzly history book, the flagship Grizzly 700 has gone “under the knife”, and come out a new updated and improved ATV.  The list of upgrades is long and distinguished including a new, slightly larger engine, chassis, body panels, brakes, suspension, handlebar headlight, and creature comforts such as a padded seat, LED display, and lots of storage. In other words, the number one selling big bore Grizzly is new and improved for 2016. The new Grizzly of course is Yamaha’s “premium” ATV offering, but it appears

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the staffthe staff   June 11, 2015   1

So many have been yelling and screaming as to when Yamaha would FINALLY come out with a pure sport side-by-side. Based upon this cryptic video above, it sure looks like that time is coming in September. It sure looks like a RZR eating the dust

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